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We Print uses INTENTIONAL misspellings of common industry keywords on our web pages to optimize Search Engine placement on MSN, Google, Yahoo,, Lycos and other search websites. In an effort to maximize the number of customers that have access to our site worldwide you may see words like Invitations spelled as invatations, invetations, initations, inviations, invitaions or even envitations. We also use common misspellings of other words like Christmas as Chrismas or Cristmas and Announcements and Accessories as Anouncements, Acessories and Accesories. In combination with Wedding spelled as Weding or Weddding. We hope our customers will understand that this is done to give as many people as possible a chance to view our high quality Carlson Craft (or Carlton Craft, Calrson Craft, Carlsen Craft, Carlsun Craft) Invitations, Free online proof system and Free Wedding Invitation wording templates and Wedding Verse samples. Please email us at if you have any questions regarding this policy. Thank You for your continued support and online orders for all your printing needs! Rest assured that all our products are the highest quality and we take pride in making sure every customer is satisfied. All orders are quality checked at several points throughout the production process to assure complete customer satisfaction.

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Remember no matter how you SPELL it,
invatations invetations initations inviations invitaions envitations anouncements
chrismas cards cristmas cards weding acessories or weddding accesories

We SELL it!

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